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C04 Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

Welcome to the course on blockchain and its implications. Blockchain has been around for 10 years. Is that a long time? Is that a short time? Well, it depends on how impatient you are in order to reap its benefits. What is clear is that blockchain is here to stay.

There have been a lot of forecasts naysayers, pretending that Bitcoin would fade away, that it is a fad, comparing it to the Dutch tulip mania, of a few hundred years ago, when tulip bulbs would be as valuable as houses in the Netherlands. It wasn't the case. The website listing how many times Bitcoin has been declared dead, counts over 100 occurrences.
  • U02 The Promise Of Blockchain
  • U03 The Nature Of Money
  • U04 Ecommerce Done Right
  • U05 The Innovation of Blockchain
  • U06 The Investment For Trust
  • U07 Weaving Is A Better Metaphor For Bitcoin, Instead Of Mining
  • U08 Blockchain Business Models
  • U09 Inefficiency Of Centralization
  • U10 Jolting Experimentation In Blockchain
  • U11 Experiments And Examples
  • U12 Interplanetary Perspectives
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  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever