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C03 Quantum Computing

In this course of the Jolting Technologies seminar series, Quantum Computing, Cryptography and Communications. The course is organized in several components that you can watch one by one or all together. They are organized in a playlist, so you can watch one video and then stop, and then watch another video and then stop. And each of these videos is pretty short, so you should be able to consume them at your leisure. There's a certain logic in the sequence of the videos, and you are encouraged to watch them one after another, but you can also jump around if you feel like it.

The concepts, and theories of the quantum world are counter intuitive. Do not worry if they appear almost incomprehensible. Be assured that the experiments and the theories reinforce each other. Regardless of how far from common sense phenomena they are, our world is really made like this!

What should make us all proud as a civilization, is that regardless of the weirdness of the quantum world, we have been able to leverage it, and developed applications that are already in widespread use.

The next big challenge, which is already getting billions of dollars of funding, and absorbing competing teams from startups to large corporations, is the creation of a practical quantum computer. This is expected to be able to tackle new classes of problems, which are out of reach of any current or future classical computer.

Let’s start exploring the weird and powerful world of quantum technologies!
  • U02 The Quantum World
  • U03 Keeping Quantum At Bay
  • U04 Widespread Use Today
  • U05 Quantum Computers
  • U06 Superposition, Entanglement, And Jolting Qubits
  • U07 Quantum Supremacy
  • U08 Applications And Development
  • U09 Error correction And Verifiability
  • U10 Quantum Cryptography And Communications
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever