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C02 Artificial Intelligence

In this particular course, we are looking at Artificial Intelligence and how Artificial Intelligence is especially a cornerstone technology of the 21st century, as the acceleration of technological change enables us to build extremely powerful applications across many different industries. The course is organized in several components that you can watch one by one or all together. They are organized in a playlist, so you can watch one video and then stop, and then watch another video and then stop. And each of these video is pretty short, so you should be able to consume them at your leisure. There's a certain logic in the sequence of the videos, so you are encouraged to watch them one after another, but you can also jump around. We will start with the definitions of Artificial Intelligence, then we will look at what is the history of AI very briefly, also concentrating on the most recent developments which are of course the most important. We will look at why exactly now AI is exploding in the way that it is. Specifically, the hardware, the data available, and the algorithms that make the difference. We will look at consumer applications and examples, as well as those platforms and applications that are used by enterprises. We will look at how developers can rapidly embrace the power of artificial intelligence in a manner that is lowering the barriers to entry, so that the broadest possible range of corporations can adopt the toolset and independent developers can also incorporate it in their applications.

AI is a hugely attractive and popular research topic, and we will look at what are the frontiers that are being explored in the scientific community. There is a lot of controversy around Artificial Intelligence, and as such we will look at what are the challenges that the rapid deployment of AI applications can imply. Why is it so important that we are aware of the consequences of society and corporations deeply embracing artificial intelligence.
  • U02 Definitions
  • U03 History
  • U04 Why now
  • U05 Hardware
  • U06 Data
  • U07 Algorithms
  • U08 Jolting
  • U09 Consumer Examples
  • U10 Enterprise Examples
  • U11 Research Frontiers
  • U12 Opportunities
  • U13 Challenges
  • U14 Technological Unemployment
  • U15 A.G.I.
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever