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C01 Introduction To Jolting Technologies

Welcome to the Jolting Technologies Seminar Series. This unit is a foundational unit that highlights the nature of technological change, and its impact on society, business, and the lives of individuals. I recommend to watch the first few units in the seminar series in sequence, to acquire an understanding of both the approach as well as examples of technologies that will necessarily interact with others that are mentioned, through the examples given.

The unit is divided in various modules, with each module consisting in a short video dedicated to a specific topic.

These are also opportunities for deeper conversations around the topics covered, not only passively watching the videos, but to interact during the course of the next weeks and months. I'm also very easy to find online and you're welcome to connect on any platform that you use, I will be there already. Sometimes I won't be able to accept the connection request because I capped out the maximum number of connections potentially, but we will be able to interact in any case.

The units talk about Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Internet Of Things, Digital Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Electric Transportation, Genetics, DNA decoding, CRISPR, Space and Satellite Communications, Decentralization and innovative Business Models, and many others. A lot of very interesting topics, each of them with profound implications in terms of what are the challenges they represent, in terms of their adoption and implementation, the disruption in business models, the regulatory and legal frameworks, each as it is already understood or that need to be better analyzed and understood.

It is important to accept that most of these changes are unstoppable. As a consequence forward looking organizations and individuals like you, must be ready for those questions and challenges that necessarily arise from them. Too many are not, they don’t even know what questions they should be asking, let alone developing the ability to find and implement the answers. You are well positioned to adapt and to thrive, given your curiosity, passion and talent in understanding the future.

You have many tools at your disposal, and I encourage you to take advantage of them, as you explore more deeply the issues that we illustrate. You can watch the videos, read their transcriptions, ask questions during the interactive Q&A sessions, as well as vote on the questions asked by others. There are videos from guest speakers, recommended readings, collections of bookmarks, and articles, for each topic, as well as interactive charts of the concepts illustrated.

You also receive a free copy of my book “Something New” that gets deeper in many of the implications of the changes that we see around us.

We are going to start with what is probably the most important concept that you will need to familiarize yourself with and we will periodically revisit because it is so fundamental. It is the basis of practically everything that we are going to see. This is the nature of exponential change as opposed to linear change.

  • U01 Introduction
  • U02 The Power Of Technological Change
  • U03 Exponential Acceleration
  • U04 Jolting Acceleration
  • U05 Deceptive To Disruptive the trajectory of computation
  • U06 Technology Supports Our Moral Ambitions
  • U07 Unstoppable Change And Uncertainty
  • U08 Resistance By Bureaucracies
  • U09 A Better Understanding Of Risk
  • U10 Technological Singularity
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever